The most expensive online MBA programs

A university degree is an investment. Traditionally and in general, in the USA. UU And throughout the world, a university education opens the doors to better career options and economic mobility. But that part of investment, can be great. As part of our package of online MBA classification stories, we organize participating schools from the most expensive for the total cost of the program (tuition and fees) to the most expensive. This year, the school with the cheapest online MBA program is the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, which ranks 23rd in this year's ranking. For Tennessee residents, the total cost of the program is $ 23,088. For students from other states, the price reaches up to $ 24,780.

Following Tennessee-Chattanooga, is the University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium, which ranks 30th, with $ 23,250. Then he's at Louisiana State University in 35th place with a total cost of $ 23,906. Next up is SUNY Oswego, ranked 28, for a total cost of $ 23,956. Kennesaw State University, which ranks 26th, with $ 24,370, is completing the top five places for the cheapest schools. The least expensive school ranked among the top ten is the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which ranks eighth and has a total cost of $ 30,240. Auburn, which ranks second, is the next best rated and most affordable program, with a total cost of $ 34,125.

The Tennessee-Chattanooga program, which is estimated at about two years, presents a general MBA or an MBA focused on data analysis or health administration. According to the school, approximately 60% of the current student population is taking the track of business analysis. With six takes per year and a 100% experience, a great attraction for the program is its flexibility. But it also means that students never meet in person and the faculty never meets students in person.

And the most expensive programs.

At the other extreme, the most expensive online MBA option is the Tepper Business School at Carnegie Mellon University, which now has a total cost of approximately $ 132,000. The school ranked fourth in this year's ranking and was the first in the past year. The next most expensive program is the @ UNC MBA from the Kenan-Flagler Business School of the University of North Carolina, which costs $ 124,345. The only other program that costs six figures is the online MBA from George Washington University, which reaches $ 101,887. The Marshall School of Marshall Business at the University of Southern California ranks first with a total cost of $ 99,692.

In general terms, many of the best-ranked programs are inclined towards the more expensive and those that are classified from the lowest to the most economical. That said, there really is not much comparison between less expensive and more expensive programs. Where Tennessee-Chattanooga has a completely online program where students can generally move at their own pace, 32 months is the fastest a student can work through the program at Carnegie Mellon Tepper. Most courses at Tepper are live and face to face with classmates and teachers. In addition, six times a year students meet for three-day trips.

It is similar in UNC Kenan-Flagler. Led by the public company, 2U, the MBA @ UNC requires students to meet several times throughout the program. During the basic courses, students must attend weekly live sessions with their classmates and teachers. The USC Marshall three-year program is similar in that it requires two to three live sessions each week, but it also gives students the flexibility to complete assignments on their own time.

Of course, the price is only part of making a school decision. We suggest consulting our directory of online MBA programs to see detailed articles and statistics of the programs of the 35 best programs and more.

RankUniversityTotal Cost
23University of Tennessee-Chattanooga$23,088
30University of Wisconsin (MBA Consortium)$23,250
35Louisiana State University (Ourso)$23,906
28SUNY Oswego$23,956
26Kennesaw State University$24,370
8University of Nebraska-Lincoln$30,240
29University of Massachusetts-Lowell$31,200
20University of Cincinnati (Lindner)$33,820
2Auburn University (Harbert)$34,125
31Ohio University$35,980
13University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Isenberg)$35,983
33Southern Illinois University-Carbondale$36,000
34Creighton University$37,224
27University of North Dakota$38,789
19University of Delaware (Lerner)$39,600
32Florida International University (Chapman)$42,000
17Syracuse University (Whitman)$42,093
5Lehigh University$42,300
11Jack Welch Management Institute$43,800
24North Carolina State University (Jenkins)$44,555
15University of Arizona (Eller)$45,000
21University of Michigan-Dearborn$45,540
7University of Florida (Warrington)$58,000
12Arizona State University (W. P. Carey)$59,535
18Baylor University (Hankamer)$60,624
9Hofstra University (Zarb)$63,435
3Indiana University (Kelley)$67,830
22Rochester Institute of Technology (Saunders)$78,000
16Northeastern University (D'Amore-McKim)$80,000
14University of Maryland (Smith)$87,318
10University of Texas at Dallas (Jindal)$94,261
1University of Southern California (Marshall)$99,692
25George Washington University$101,887
6University of North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler)$124,345
4Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)$132,000

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