2U will add three new MBAs online in 2019

Five more universities will launch graduate programs in business with 2U next year. Announcing its launch cohort in 2019, the online education provider said it will add three new online MBA programs from UC-Davis, University College London and Pepperdine University to its growing business portfolio. That will make the options of your MBA program reach a total of ten by the end of 2019.

The 2U MBA programs tend to have a price at the end of the online degree options. This is largely because the company takes 50% to 60% of all revenue generated by the schools that chose to work with the online education company. MBA @ Rice, who will enter her debut group of MBA students in October, is priced at $ 109,400 for the Class of 2020 for a 22-month course work program. MBA @ UNC now costs a total of $ 124,345. When UC-Davis launches its online MBA next year, its price is expected to exceed $ 120,000 (see table below). The 2U programs offer weekly live classes on the Internet and a series of three-day dives at both global and national locations. Most programs require assistance in two of these residences.

The new 2U business additions are among the 17 new graduate programs that the company expects to launch in 2019. The new MBA programs are above the six existing programs that 2U has in the Kenan-Flagler School of Management of the University of North Carolina, Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, The Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University, Simmons School of Business, Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, and the University of Dayton, and the Kogod School of Business of American University.


The company said that it is also developing for its launch in 2019 specialized master's programs in business at Tufts, Pepperdine and Fordham universities. At Tufts, 2U is helping the school create a master of global business management. At Pepperdine, 2U is working to develop what it calls a "master's suite in management and business," including the MBA. Pepperdine's online MBA, previously administered by Pearson, represents a change from another provider. A 2U spokesperson said that Pepperdine will offer Master of Science degrees in Human Resources, Management and Leadership, and Applied Analytical Analysis. And at Fordham University, he is also working on a portfolio of master's degree programs in business and administration. "The Fordham suite is still under development," the spokesman added.

The company's global title at University City London is the first non-US graduate program at 2U, while its next program at UC-Davis will make that school the first in the UC system with an online MBA offer (see Lights, Camera, Action! Behind the scenes of the UC-Davis online MBA company)

To date, 2U said it has announced 64 graduate programs in 24 verticals and 15 verticals in multiple programs. The company has partnered with 34 universities in its portfolio of graduate programs and short courses.


"We are incredibly pleased to achieve this milestone because these 16 new online graduate programs represent a significant step towards the long-term goal of 2U of 250 DGPs (national graduate programs)," said 2U co-founder and CEO Christopher "Chip. "Paucek in a statement. "Our pipeline is stronger than ever, and we are deeply in the process of signing programs for 2020."

The rapid growth of the company has had a cost. Last year, 2U reported a net loss of $ 29.4 million, compared to $ 20.7 million the previous year. Those losses are only going higher. The company has told Wall Street that it expects net losses to increase to $ 42.7 million this year.

Current 2U Online MBA Associations
Online education provider 2U currently has MBA options online at seven business schools with UC-Davis, Pepperdine and University City London that will be launched next year. Jones University Graduate School of Business will register its first online class this fall

SchoolTotal CostLengthIntakesResidencies
UNC (Kenan-Flagler)$124,34518 to 36 monthsJan./AprilTwo 3-day immersions required
Rice (Jones)$106,90023 monthsJan/April/July/OctTwo 3-day immersions, one global, one domestic
Denver (Daniels)$88,33221 to 36 monthsJan./March/June/Sept.Two 3-day immersions, one in Denver, others in Italy, South Africa, New York
Syracuse (Whitman)$84,18624 to 36 monthsJan./April/July/Oct.Three 3-day residencies in Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Atlanta or Syracuse
American (Kogod)$81,98415 to 24 monthsJan/April/July/OctTwo 3-day residencies in Bejing, Kenya, D.C., Atlanta
Simmons College$68,60024 to 36 monthsJan/July/OctTwo 3-day immersions on campus and D.C.
University of Dayton$40,63512 monthsJan/April/July/OctTwo 3-day immersions, one in Dayton, others in Portland, San Jose

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