How Harvard Business School is reimagining online education

You can divide people who wish to obtain an MBA degree into two categories: career changers and career enhancers. The former want the most popular business credential in their curriculum to help change industries, disciplines or geographies. The latter simply want to accelerate their existing careers, in the short term with their current employer and potentially in the long term with another company.

Those who change careers are almost always better to obtain a two-year MBA experience that allows them to do a summer internship, a kind of test, which is often essential to reinvent their professional self-esteem. These residential programs have a parade of world-class employers who come to the campus to recruit students. An online degree, on the other hand, is more suited to the career enhancer, someone who wants more responsibility, more money or the basic skills learned in an MBA to be more effective at work.

So, what online MBA programs best meet the promise of improving one's career? Here are the top ten based on the responses of alumni to career-related questions in our recent survey of online MBA graduates in the last two years:

The top ten online MBA programs of 2019 for career results
  1. USC Marshall School of Business, $ 99,692
  2. Hofstra University Zarb College of Business, $ 63,435
  3. University of Texas-Dallas Jindal School of Management, $ 94,261
  4. Auburn University Harbert College of Business, $ 34,125
  5. Lehigh University College of Business & Economics, $ 42,300
  6. Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina, $ 124,345
  7. Northeastern University D'Amore-McKim School of Business
  8. Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, $ 67,830
  9. Jack Welch Management Institute, $ 42,800
  10. Carnegie Mellon Tepper Business School, $ 132,000

What metrics were used to reach our ranking in the race results? We use the answers to the key questions posed to the students of the programs in the last two years. More than 1,200 graduates completed the surveys. Only for this part of our overall ranking of the best online MBA programs, we put approximately 36% of weight in the percentage of students who said they had reached their main goal of entering the MBA program online.

That question allows a graduate to define success for himself. Some students may want to gain more confidence with basic business concepts. Others may want to get a promotion or raise a salary or even use the online experience to transition to a new job. He also pondered around 36% the average of two questions related to a professional coach or mentor provided by the school, along with his assessment of the career services function at his school. Next, we assign a weight of 27% to the percentage of students who reported receiving a salary increase or promotion as a result of the program.

We are also providing all that information and more so that you can analyze the results in a way that is most important to you. You can take the data to create your own personalized classification or simply use the questions we ask you to evaluate other programs in your overall consideration.

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